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Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles!

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Join The Resistance and show your support for another season of Terminator:Sarah Connor Chronicles!


Join The Resistance and show your support for another season of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles!
We all want Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 3 !!!



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The only reason to see ‘Streetfighter” would be to see Kristin Kreuk kick some ass!

Plain and simple,that’s all there is to it.Kristin Kreuk is(for those who don’t know)  a fellow half Asian who is best known for her role as Lana Lang in ‘Smallville”.Now being half Asian doesn’t give me or anyone else the right of passage to play a martial arts guru,or be a martial arts expert!But if there is anyone to pull it off it would be Kristen.She does after all hold a purple belt in Shotokan Karate.

With that being said and out of the way.

Streetfighter..Streetfighter…Oh my goodness Streetfighter how I long to play thee with your classic dragon uppercut and your fireballs blazing..SHOOOO…YUKEN!But a classic video game franchise does not a good movie make.

Now with many genre’s there are fan-boys.And perhaps these fan-boys are the built in audience that might be going to see this movie(I did say MIGHT!).And maybe I’ll win the lottery tomorrow!

Movies based on video games have had a long sad history.Super Mario brothers,Doom,Double Dragon..and these are just the classics which were attempted!Even the Resident Evil movies did okay but soon got old after the Second movie.

Adding insult to an already injured genre,we have “STREETFIGHTER:THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI”.And to make things worst this is supposed to be a reboot for the the already horrible attempt back in 1994 of a Street Fighter movie.

Flamboyant Badness is the best way to describe the 1994 Streetfighter.Jean Claude Van Dame and his fellow actors were just BAD.So bad it was like a car accident you couldn’t help but look at.

I suppose this movie will be the same.At some point I will be sitting at home with nothing on TV and then bamn!..there it will be.And I’ll probably force myself to watch it because somewhere deep inside my geeky brain I want the movie to work,I want to be a fan of it,or maybe cuz I’m asian!

Could be  Kristin Kreuk!

In the end my money will not be spent to see this movie on the big screen or the small screen.I’ll admit I have seen all the movie’s I mentioned at some point in my life and even laughed a bit when I watched them.

But the sad fact is that the video game to movie bit is just not working..even when the story is good, something gets lost in the translation.

Say it ain’t so!!!

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This is a shame.Pioneer always had the highest reviewed plasmas.The best!


People are Stupid

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What the hell is wrong with people!!!!!!