What does one think when you hear the name ASIAN Redneck.Believe me I have heard it all.

But what does it mean?It’s not a complicated story….really!

It’s my gamertag!

I really needed something that said who I was.I tried ASIAN HONKEY.But it was taken.I tried every combination you could think of.Hell even ASIAN REDNECK was taken,but I like it so much that all i had to do was add an “x” in the middle and xbox live accepted it.So be on the lookout if your a gamer on XBOX Live cuz you might get sniped by th ASIANxREDNECK!http://live.xbox.com/member/ASIANxREDNECK

This blog will probably cover all things that interest me.At first I was thinking ..”What should the blog be about?”..Tech..Personal…Bitching blog about work(Beware Valleycrest that one may still be coming!!!)Then I just decided it should be about whatever the heck sparks my interest at the moment.I’m a geek…so there’s a lot to cover.More to come!!!!


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