While I was out with my two boys yesterday at TBS Comics,I realized how much comics have changed over the years.Not just the cost but the overall quality of the books.Don’t get me wrong ,you get what you pay for!I mean I haven’t collected or been involved in comics since I stopped collecting in the late 80’s(DAMN! I’m old!).

As I glanced over at the independent comic book rack I noticed a name  of an artist that I remember seeing when I was reading them..WHILCE PORTACIO.I remember his work at Marvel and I also remember he was part of the up and coming younger guys who all had a particular art style and who soon broke away to create Image comics.But what really got me was that I never realized that the man was Filipino.


As of late I seem to be noticing these things.Perhaps it’s a small sense of pride as I get older.But it amazed me that I never knew this before!

Anyway I thought it was an interesting revelation to me so I thought I would share.But why should you care.Because who doesn’t like comic book art and supheroes.So go check him out!


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