Now before there is an uproar(or the cops show up)let me explain.

Something happened at work over the last couple of days that I disagreed with so much I had to write about it.

During a crew leader meeting  for one of our 3 local branches..they were told that their hours would be cut back again to 31 hours a week until March rolls around.Now for a lot of us this has been happening  to everyone we know,and it sucks.

Now after that was announced,one of the guys said aloud..”It’s a good thing I sell marijuana on the side.” Now mind you we all joke,we all say things to get a laugh.But apparently he said it with a more serious tone.There were three or so other crew leaders in the room as well as two managers and the operations manager.Considering that I once held a property managers position, before I demoted myself,it would have been no big deal.Hell I probably would have said it.It’s a pretty open environment and things like this get said all the time.

Well unfortunately someone did take it seriously.

We work in the all to popular”Drug free work place”.

So upon hearing this one of the managers took it upon himself to pull this employee aside and tell him that he was going to have to take a random drug test!!

Holy crap!!What kind of BS was this.I was ready to tell a bunch of people off when I heard about this.!!Those words should have never left that room.It could have been handle alot differently than it was!!.And now they want to endanger this guys job.Just one less to have to lay off!!More money to save!!!

After I calmed down I decided to find out more info.

They did take him to get a drug test.He told them straight away that he wasn’t going to pass the test.As it turns out… he didn’t.And for the time being he is on a special” medical leave of absence”.I was told that in a managers position we can be held liable if he were to leave work and get in an accident and we had withheld information that he may be involved with illegal substances …or something like that?

Now I do agree with the fact that they are allowing him to go through the classes and do whatever it is he needs to do to get back to work.They could have just fired him.I think this is how companies should deal with a positive testing in a random drug test of a long time employee.Each should be dealt with on an individual basis.

That being said, I still think that it could have been handle differently.If random drug test were applied to everyone we would probably loose half our employees.It’s just a fact..right or wrong!A person passing a test to get hired is one thing but a random test would surely screw a lot of people.I am not saying I condone drug use by no means.I just know that a happy, outgoing,do whatever you want me to do employee is now struggling to pay his bills this month.

And that’s what matters to me.



  1. isnessie Says:

    Heavy. Poor guy.
    I love your blog subheader!! I totally get that. It’s how I feel about being Indian – everytime someone assumes something about me I’m like, WTF, what am I, the Rosetta Stone of Indian people? Got that one from a good movie. Bruce was not in it.

  2. Brenda Says:

    Glad they are working it out with him. They wouldn’t want to rock their boat too much before the busy season anyway.

    Bringing morale down is not productive. BTW We love the banner too!

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